Sunday, August 10, 2008

things i should be doing

1.anything other than what i am doing my house
3.buying a mop
4.folding clothes
5.eating healthy
6.finishing my book
7.paying more attention to things that matter, rather than focusing on things i cant do anything about
8.looking at different websites than the ones i do
9.wearing socks
10.brush my teeth
11.getting my mobile fixed
12.making new friends
13.attempting to catch up with old friends

things i do rather than the things in the above list

1.sit around
2.drink tea toast
4.look at the same websites over and over, hoping for something new
5.check email
6.see that there is no email
7.check it again animal crossing
9.think about all the stuff i should be doing
10.decide i'll make a list of stuff i should be doing
11.think about how i take more time thinking about doing stuff than actually doing anything
13.try to sleep
14.pick up my phone to message people
15.only put it back down without messaging 50% of the time
16.teach my animal crossing friends to say helpful things like 'no text!' and 'dont msg!'
19.realise there are more things on my 'stuff i do' list than on my 'stuff i should be doing' list, and feel a little bit ok about that, because at least im doing stuff

1 comment:

  1. i'm exactly the same. At least you aren't wasting your time in Switzerland....