Tuesday, August 19, 2008

have decided i dont want to be in the obese section of the bmi graph. im heading that way. all i have to do is get a bit shorter or a bit fatter and i'll be there

(notice how there is no star where i am? im not that open about myself. you can guess.... guess nice!)

so, this morning i got up, had two glasses of water and a banana, put on a cd, and decided to attempt some sort of exercise.

soundtrack to my foray into weightloss, brought to you by the pipettes

1. we are the pipettes: jogging, entire song
2. pull shapes: no longer able to jog. decide to march on the spot with big swinging arms
3. why did you stay: this is bullshit. i feel like im going to die. go and make cup of tea and some muffins
4. dirty mind: get angry that i gave up after two songs and do some stretches, lunge things, interpretive dance while muffins cook. mmm, cheese, mmm
5. it hurts to see you dance so well: coughing fit
6. Judy : coughing, eating
7. Winters Sky : coughing, eating
8. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me : coughing, eating
9. Tell Me What You Want : coughing, eating
10. Because It's Not Love (But It's Still A Feeling) coughing
11. Sex : coughing
12. One Night Stand : coughing
13. ABC : coughing
14. I Love You : coughing
15. Dance and Boogie : feel like i could cough for longer. yep. just coughed
16. Baby, Just Be Yourself : last song of the cd. well done me! not coughing. still feel like i will. now drinking cup of tea, settled in front of heater and computer

exercise is for idiots

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  1. BMIs are for idiots. If I put a star on that chart, I'd be in the green but on the line where it becomes yellow. I am, apparently, nearly 'underweight'. That doesn't stop me from having a sprightly, paunchy belly. It just means I have no muscle anywhere in my body, and I have pin arms and legs.

    I'm a weakling, therefore the BMI loves me. I'm proud of your exercise regime. Next time I need to bulk up, I'm going to go make muffins.