Friday, August 01, 2008

it started with a fight

an argument, really, which lead to a fight. one called the other a weener. the other turned into a skinny ball of muscle and started beating the bigger one around the kitchen. both started yelling.

i guess it really started before that, when i asked them both to get ready for bed. 'toilet and teeth'. apparently 'toilet and teeth' means 'stand in the kitchen and stare at the wall.

or maybe it started before then, when i asked them to put their dishes on the sink, and they both ignored me and continue with their loud, continuous argument over which jimmy neutron character they were, and which one was better.

in any case, it ended with me grabbing my phone

'right, thats it, no more grandmas tomorrow'
'just him? or both of us?'
'both of you'
'because you are both incapable of behaving, and therefore shouldnt be allowed nice treats'
'hear this?'
'thats me not talking to you'

*on the phone* (without really dialling) 'hi, its carly, how are you?.....yeah, good thanks, um, we wont be coming up, the boys have been too naughty.....yeah....yeah, i know......i would have loved to, but they just wont listen to me......ok, yep...ok, no worries, have a nice weekend, bye.....bye'

*in bed 10 minutes later*

'did you really ring grandma?'
'what do you mean, did i really ring her?'
'did you ring her, or did you just pretend?'
'why would i pretend?'
'if i was an adult, that would be the sort of thing i'd do'
'oh? well then, i'll have to keep that in mind. ninite'

getting far too clever, that kid

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