Sunday, August 10, 2008

"ok, well, im not good. im sick of being alone, and im sick of loving someone who doesnt love me back. i have no news, because everything that seems like it could turn out well, goes to shit. i was gonna go to europe in january with my band, but now we cant afford it, i met a guy who seemed really nice, and he found out i had a mental illness and doesnt want to know me. im cold, and im sad and im lonely and i feel like thats how i'l be for the rest of my life

does that make you feel better?"

probably isnt the nicest email you'd want to get, but 'im fine' apparently wasnt cutting it. i cant lie to him. i tried. im fine, i said. dont worry about me. no, whats wrong? i want more than one line. well then, thats what you get.

my babies come home tomorrow, i'll get hugs then

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