Monday, June 30, 2008

see this?

cute, you reckon?





after countless vet trips, including an almost fatal brown snake bite, we landed on the doorsteps of the local clinic again over the weekend, as my cat now looks like this

not so cute now, is it!! not only has she ripped the fur on her bum out, she's also plucked her chest and tummy, all down the inside of her legs and a big circular patch on her back. vet said its probably a flea allergy, gave her some steroids, wacked the bucket on, and off we go. take it off in a day or so, she says, when the meds have kicked in.
i took it off sunday night and she went right back at it, so she's gonna have to wear it.

except now i find she's taken to plucking other things. like the dead bird i found when i came home. no blood, no puncture wounds, no missing limbs, just a cleanly plucked tummy and under wing area

asshole cat

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