Wednesday, June 25, 2008

last night/this morning

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*turned off the light, rolled over, willed myself to go to sleep
*sleep did not come. rolled over the other side, grabbed ds, played animal crossing til the shops shut. we are now at 1am. turned off ds
*willed myself to sleep
*sleep did not come. got up, went online to see if anyone was around
*no one was around, went back to bed and played mr driller on ds until i got really mad that i couldnt get past 475 metres
*try and sleep
*wrote a letter that i should never, ever, ever, in my right mind, send to someone
*realise i am not in my right mind, but try and promise myself not to send letter anyway
*try and sleep
*turn on tv and actually consider for more than a moment, buying some face polisher thing and a pilates chair from guthy renker
*try and sleep
*decide that at least walking to the shops to post the letter will be exercise and cheaper than pilates chair
*try and sleep
*write a song that kinda actually has a catchy chorus
*laugh at the ridiculous of my song. think about letter some more
*try and sleep
*set timer for tv to turn off by itself and eventually fall asleep listening to jessica simpson talking about proactive
*while sleeping, dream that i am late for work, and have to get there by riding a trike uphill. SYMBOLIC MUCH??
*wake up and notice i have slept through 2 messages, a reminder to take medicine and a reminder to 'go for a walk, you fat lazy pig'
*reminder to go for a walk reminds me about the letter
*realise i will spend the rest of the day thinking about it unless i make a decision
*procrastinate by going online
*read everything i need to read.
*procrastinate more by blogging about it
*and now we're all caught up

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