Tuesday, June 17, 2008


itchyness took over and i got myself (and kids) to the doctor today. armed with bags full of books, biscuits and various toys, we walked up to the desk knowing we may have to wait longer that the 1 and a half hours mentioned on the phone.
i showed the girl my rash. she says 'oooh!' and tells me to sit 'over there, someone will be there shortly'. shortly! as if by magic my name was called before i even put my cards back in my purse and we were in the office with the door shut. it takes me 6 weeks to get an appointment when i am depressive. it takes 30 seconds when im covered in itchy redness. will bear that in mind for future visits.

it seems that it is almost definitely a reaction to my medication, which i stopped taking sunday. i was given tablets, a prescription for creams and told to buy antihistamines. $17 later and im happy and itchless. still look pretty gross tho.

does that mean its all over? not by a long shot. as a result of stopping my medication, my house is now full of imaginary cats. imaginary wha?? imaginary cats. many of them. im not entirely sure how many there are, but there are more than the two i really have, and they're quicker and never seem to stay still, always leaving the room as i walk in. one lives full time in the kids bedroom, and one in the kitchen. the rest move around.

and yes. i have stopped driving.

so, its home for the rest of the week, another appointment tomorrow to find out when i start my medication again, and hopefully it wont take long for the cats to move out. i dont mind them living here, i just dont want to get to the stage when im feeding them

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