Monday, June 09, 2008

about how i should know by now, and how i should be used to it, but how it still hurts

its a public holiday, and its 5:20, and i get a phone call saying 'i'll come round now and pick the bags up, we're just at the shops'.
since its a public holiday, the shops can only mean one place, and those shops are about 500 metres away.
knowing this person as i do, 'now' can mean a few things. but i also figure that you're at the local IGA, how long can you stay in there, really? and even if you go home first to drop off your groceries (a waste of time and meaning you have to drive 500 metres away from my house, and then the 1 kilometre back) i dont see how it can take more than half an hour. and that is being extremely generous.

so after an hour, i call. no answer. maybe no answer cos they're just pulling up in the driveway? no, no they're not. so half an hour after that, i call again, and there is still no answer. now im starting to panic. surely i would have heard sirens from here? if they're only around the corner and something happened to them, i would have heard the crash, i would have heard the sirens. then i calm myself down and think, well, its dinner time. maybe they went home first to have tea. sure, it probably would have been good manners to let me know, but its possible thats whats happened.

so i call the house. the phone answers. 'hi mum!' they're alright. calm again, before im mad. 'wheres dad?' 'band practice'

i call again, no answer. so i text

'thanks for forgetting me again'

not that he'll probably even read it

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