Friday, March 25, 2005

yeah! i mean, thankyou sean

thanks to everyone who offered me space to store my pics. that wasnt the problem tho, it was that im too cheap to buy an ftp thingo so i wanted a free one. got one now. core ftp lite. no problems so far, but i've only ftpd 3 pics.

here they are

easter eli

easter eli

how the easter bunny gets around

oh, and this one


wanna see how hot i'm looking lately?

sexy me

you all want me, don't you?

this is my new favourite pic

go on then

yeah, go crazy with the cheese whiz...or with the ftp pic thingo, your choice.

wanna know something fucked? i rang an old friend of mine. i've known him for 11 years, he was the first guy i had sex with (story will follow in another post one day, btw, i just wanna scan a pic in first...not of the sex, you dirty dirty monkey). so court stuff has come up again (which i will talk about in a sec) and since phillip was the first person i actually realy spoke to about this, i rang him and let him know. well, i messaged him first cos i didnt want his wife to answer cos she hates me. anyway, i messaged him and asked him to give me a call. and he does and he says, 'i get in trouble for talking to you'

what the fuck? what have i done wrong? i said, yeah, well she can shut up and he said, no she cant cos she's the missus. now really, would i want to do *anything* with someone who calls his wife 'the missus'? i told him it was crap that he couldnt speak to me, told him my news and wished him a happy life. he said he didnt want to be mean and he knew it sucked but he had to do it. good for him for standing by his promise, no matter how ridiculous, to this girl, but i hung up on him anyway.
crappola. hello??? its history. 11 year old history, sheesh

anyway, court stuff. the date has been set. everything's going down on the 6th, 7th and 8th of december. it's a closed court and there will only be a judge there, no jury. this is all his choice, by the way. nina at the dpp said she doesnt understand why he'd choose to not have a jury because he would have more chance of creating a reasonable doubt with 12 people, but then she said perhaps he thinks one person to convince is easier than 12, i dont know.
and i dont know whether closed court means absolutely everybody or just people i dont want, like people walking in off the street. nina said it will definatley be closed when i give my evidence because when everything happened i was a minor so no one but the essential people are allowed to hear it.
i will be in the court room to give my evidence, but if i need it, i can use a screen in front of him so i dont have to see him.
i was given the choice of giving my evidence via closed circuit television but i want to be in the room, and i want to show myself that i am strong enough to do that. i think i'll have to use the screen though. i really dont want to see him.

i'm feeling pretty confident. well, at least more on the confident side since last week a man was jailed for 4 years for sexual abuse that he commited 30 years ago. this was 15 years ago. going by my maths he should get 8 years. i hope he gets strung up like that poor orangutan and ass raped, the fucker.

im glad i know when it's all happening now, but it sucks that i have to wait all this time. it just gives me more time to freak out about everything

last weekend we had to go out and buy partners for our birds. i told you about that down there. but i couldnt post pics cos i was a cheap ass, so now you can see them, complete with my notations


the new parents to be

new chick on the block

i dont mean to be disgusting, but poor meewee, she's all open. and the wind is blowing to, she wouldnt be comfortable. poor little hing can't even stand a lot of the time. her little claws just slide to the side and she ends up resting on her tummy.
i hope her egg baby is alright.

alrighty, now comment you bastards. im sticking around you know. im not closing down my blog like a lot of people, yet i get nothing, nothing! oh, except you, ista, because you're stupid and you're a bitch. see what i did there? i actually said it. now you can talk to me about it

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