Friday, March 18, 2005

new news

rehearsals for equus are back on. on sunday we'll be going to horsey school to learn how to properly groom the horses, and what the tools are and what they do. then after tea, nathan and i will be doing our first semi naked rehearsal. i'm not exactly looking forward to it, but i got myself into this, i need to follow through.

A naked boy stands in the frosty moonlight, silently caressing the massive head of a panting horse. From the darkness we hear the voice of the psychiatrist:
With one particular horse, called Nugget, he embraces. The animal digs its sweaty brow into his cheek and they stand in the dark for an hour like a necking couple. And of all the nonsensical things I keep thinking about the horse, not the boy, the horse and what it might be trying to do. I keep seeing that huge head kissing him with its chained mouth, trying to nudge through the metal some desire absolutely irrelevant to filling its belly or propagating its own kind. What desire could that be?…

What desire indeed? And who is this strange boy? For the answers to these and other provocative questions, come along to our May presentation of Peter Shaffer’s electrifying and dramatic play Equus.
Best described as a psychological thriller, Equus has been exciting audiences worldwide since its award winning arrival on theWest End and Broadway stages in the early 1970’s.
Directed by Harry Dewar and Paul Kaeslar, with original music by our resident genius composer, John Wilson, this latest OPUS production uses the Noarlunga College Theatre in a new and innovative way to create an intimate, compelling experience for its audiences.


Tuesday May 24th until
Saturday May 28th
at 8:00pm

Bookings open May 1st
82073977 (box office)
0421366101 (Harry Dewar)

Tickets $16 and $10
Group Concession available!

i got a call from someone at MAPS about some film work. i guess they still had my number on file from all those years ago. the film is, at the moment, called 'parkbench' but other than that i dont know anything lese about it. more news to come when i have it

things have been happening at work there was a job going at woodcroft because somebody there was caught looking at inappropriate websites at work and got the sack. i went for the job but found out yesterday that i missed it by this much. i'm actually happy i didnt get it. i really enjoy going to work at noarlunga, and i like my office and the people in it. i get the feeling i wouldnt be able to stand around and look at pictures of penises (in books) at woodcroft.

ista! where have you gone? have you run off to create some work of genius so you can prove just how better you are than me? ooh, i cant wait. antici pation

how's things with everyone else?

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