Tuesday, March 15, 2005

dear ista,

*shakes my head* i really dont know what to do with you. i have a problem with people who say things without evidence to back it up. you say i'm stupid, you also say i'm a bitch, but why?
this is my blog where i record my personal ideas and thoughts. you are a visitor to my space. you dont have to come here. i wonder what it was that made you visit in the first place. are you someone i know? have i done or said something to or about you knowing or unknowingly?
thats lots of questions, i know, but it seems to me that if you feel the need to visit more than once and comment on things that you know nothing about, then i have the right to ask the questions and have them answered.
you leave no email or website address, all i can do is judge you on your comments. you appear to think that you are above me both in intelligence and personality. prove it. do you have a website i can look at? have you perhaps written a story or some songs? give me something to work with here or i'll have to take you at face value with what you've given me.
up to you

love carly

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