Friday, February 04, 2005

i'm taking the stick

from vicki who got it from boo, im taking the stick and posting my answers:

What are the first ten random songs on your computer/MP3 player?

1. tmrw vs y'day - the lucksmiths 'if i cant see you in the future, i'll see you in the pasture'
2. hiccups - darren hanlon 'a thousand ideas i try to tell crossword girl, how do i get one across when you're always too down?'
3. the sound of white - missy higgins 'if things get real for me down here, promise to take me back to where we were before you went away'
4. madonna does shakespeare - tripod 'one two three forsooth!'
5. goodbye little alarm clock - tripod 'you didnt do much, you just sat here making noise and now thats what i do for a living''but they can keep their skateboards cos you go backwards and forwards, not unlike words like glenelg or boob'
6. punk's not dead - darren hanlon 'in the morning she says 'never mind the bollocks, here's your cup of tea''
7. doctor spoya - tripod 'though we may poke out our pelvis, this bit isnt very elvisy'
8. welcome home - the lucksmiths 'smile in melbourne again'
9. casualty - missy higgins 'its been too long since i looked after me'
10. he misses you too, you know - darren hanlon 'you both look like you're straight out of an insurance commercial. as i drove away, you both waved from your driveway'

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