Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i do love my job

not so much that i want to marry it or anything cos that'd just be weird, but, as much as i love my job, its still face to face customer service. that means that i will undoubtably some across a wide spectrum of people.
some are lovely. for instance the nice german man wh gave me a box of chocolates for sending a fax.
some are hot. for instance, greg who i had a crush on in the olden days.
some are..... please insert your own word here after you hear the story.

a nice enough looking middle aged lady came to the desk:

'do you have a book about...you know...those children...they're spastic...you look at them and you just know there's something wrong with them. they look like monkeys, or mongoloids'
'...children with down syndrome?'
'yes! thats the ones!'

i really hope she found the information she was looking for about those spastic mongoloid kids

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