Sunday, February 27, 2005

been around the world

over the last month i had slowly been losing my international readership. i was at an all time high with 80% australian readership. i wondered where my international readers had gone. had all you chileans stopped searching for little girl pussy? what was wrong with you?
then i checked today and you're back in the game. 52% australian, the rest made up of United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Chile, Pakistan and Kuwait, with only 2 searches for little girl pussy. the rest of you, it seems are lookin for hotties and this is the place for them. laura prepon, anna paquin, leelee sobieski, cate blanchett, they're all here. and me of course.

matt and i watched mall rats again last night. i picked it up thursday night at cash converters. sometimes you need blatant sexual jokes, sometimes you need to hear 'snoochie boochies', sometimes you need to laugh your ass off at the ridiculous.
and sometimes you need to fall in crush (notice i didnt say love, it has not reached the heights of vincent...yet) with someone again.

aaaah, jeremy london. back when i used to watch party of five, it was all for him. iloved that brooding, troubled look. i wanted to make it aaaall better. i wouldnt make squinty faces at him, or whine about him not having a job and riding that stupid motorcycle blah blah blah whatever your name is neve campbell. oh, julia, thats right.


my new goal is to be pen friends with him by the end of the year. updates will follow when they happen

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