Monday, February 07, 2005

amanda vanstone

i can not stand this woman. have a look at her

'you tried to hit me with this plank of wood? see that was just silly because all that wil happen is it will get sucked into my fat folds and make me stronger! i am the superhero vanstonia! bow before me puny mortals as i sacrifice you to my goddess gargan!'

(please click the link to gargan)

btw, she doesnt say all that in a superhero voice, she says it in a nasaly, i told you so voice. thats why we hate her

im not going to go over the story, but a woman was wrongfuly detained in baxter detention centre because the government believed she was an illegal migrant, rather than the mentally ill missing for 10 months woman that she was.

john howard, and we all know my feelings on this "man", wont apologise, and neither will stupid fat heifer amanda vanstone. do we need another photo? yes

do you know what she's saying in that pic? she's saying, 'apologise? no' and what you cant see is her shaking her head and then laughing her fat jiggly arse off at the thought of apologising.
another thing that annoys me about her is her use of the word 'vis-a-vis'

this is my favourite photo of amanda

the south australian premier, mike rann has the right idea:
"Surely if someone is wrongfully imprisoned in a detention centre for illegal migrants, then surely an apology is warranted," he said.

"Isn't that the decent thing to do? Surely we can be big enough as a nation and big enough as a people to say sorry to someone who's been put through this terrible ordeal."

is it just me, or does that make sense?

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