Monday, February 21, 2005

dear vincent,
i watched criminal intent last night. it was the one where the public had to decide whether or not to kill nicole. we chose kill.
if i could get away from the tv for a sec and grab the phone i would have chosen for her to live because i love what she does to your face. all those emotions she makes you feel, makes me want to hug you* and make it all better.
i know that criminial intent is just a show, and that detective goran is just a character, but i think i need him right now.

there's some stuff going on that is pretty crappy, and i need my side. i need bobby to find him, rip his arms up behind his back and talk right into his ear about how you're taking him down to the station for questioning. and when you've got him there, ask him those questions, get him to tell you everything. make him say yes, im guilty and im sorry.
and then be there at the end to comfort me and make me feel better.

i dont want a signed photo of you, done by someone else. i want a real reply.

can you make it better?

love carly

*please read anything into that that would make you feel better....anything

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