Friday, February 25, 2005


so i gave in. i got myself one of those googleadsense thingos. i dont expect to make any money out of it, but in a couple of years they might send me ten bucks.
i dont click ads on peoples websites. they usually take you to porn or penis enlargements, neither of which i have any need for.

these ads are supposed to relate to whats being written on the website. so far mine have read the post about the kids being noisy and decided that YOU, the people who read this site, need now earphones to go with your cdmans.

i am setting out to change that

what you need is chocolate. chocolate chocolate chocolate. and cheese, cheese is yummy. some good camembert with nice crackers. sitting down and watching criminal intent with cheese and crackers, that'd be nice. and after that we can have a lovely cup of dilmah tea. dilmah tea is the best, even though i'm currently drinking tetley because it had a competition on the box to win a mazda2 which is really what i'd like right now, not you guys, so disregard that. what else would you guys like....oh! see the ticker? its my birthday next week. you should by me presents! i like presents.
there's a link to my torrid wishlist up there ^ you could get me something from there but it wouldnt get to me in time. hmm... things from kmart and target are fine too, you know

i wonder if i've changed my ads yet? i'll keep going

books. i love books. and pretty things. i like old dolls...i really want an original blythe doll but they're spensive....or something from ikea....look, you guys know me by now, you should know what i like.


i processed a book yesterday at work called 'elephant elements'. people higher up than me have decided its not suitable for the library, especially since it was supposed to be a childrens book. i'm looking around online at the moment to try and find some pics.

nope, only of the cover. it's a book of opposites. big small, left right, top bottom, for instance. but then it goes on to other opposites, like corked and uncorked, fixed and broken, alight and put out, and the last one? alive and dead


boy and girl are distinguished by where the wee puddle is underneath them
you really need to check it out

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