Sunday, December 28, 2003


merry christmas everyone. i hope you had a lovely day. mine was busy busy busy, and i got very full

and would you have a look at what matty got me. thankyou pinaroo!!! thankyou for not liking original milo bars so much that matt could get a whole box full for me for christmas. pinaroo, you rule.

a lot of people have been blogging lately about how crappy this year has been, and yeah, it has been. but i think i'd like to focus on any good things that might happen.

yep, a lot of things have ended this year, and in their place i am going to start some new things

start sticking up for myself
start doing better for myself as a person, not just a mum
stop eating so much crap...she says, munching on a milo bar, hey, its still 2003
learn to accept that as much as it has been drummed into me, i am not selfish
be braver
go for better roles in plays
do a live performance with humblebee

i hope your 2004 is all you hope it will be...just dont get your hopes up too high, ok?

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