Sunday, December 14, 2003

hey, i like that black shit

"The Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies. I wanted to be Ally Sheedy's character from the very first time I saw it, except not get turned into a prep at the end. And I loved Judd Nelson, not Emilio" holly

u huh. i've suggested that we do 'the breakfast club' next year with young opus. i wanna be allison (ally sheedy). i already know all her lines so it'd be easy.

i was pissed that they changed her into an 80's preppy popular girl too. she looked cool with her shaggy hair and loads of black clothes. although, she does look cute when molly ringwald puts that head band on her and her cute hair goes all spikey and stuff... cute.

anyway, yeah

at the last young opus meeting i put forward the idea that we should change the name of our group, mainly so that i could still be a member. im already 3 years too old for it as it is. i thought 'a bit on the side', since we're an off-shoot of opus, and i think it was vicki who came up with 'side dish' which i think is a very catchy name. yes.

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