Monday, December 22, 2003

i know i ask for a lot...

my car broke on saturday night :(

i really dont have much luck with cars. i had a beautiful 1970 morris 1300. it was tamarisk cute. it started to break and started to cost lots to repair so we sold it. i was so sad. we bought me a 1990 hyundai excel. i've never liked it, maybe it knows that.

saturday night it overheated on the way to the city. we left it, went out for a bit, came back, put water in it and started driving home.

it overheated again.

then made some very VERY loud knocking noises that didnt sound great at all.

we called the RAA and the guy said there was no way in hell we'd be driving it home, especially all that way. we ended up getting towed.

we waited 2 hours for that, from 2:30 - 4:30 am. yes, we were tired. so much so that we wondered out loud about how we were glad it wasnt hot/raining/cold/snowing/flowing with lava/flooding/tornadoing etc.

the funniest comment of the night:

sharyn : that guy across the road has a big wet patch on his back
carly : maybe his mate was doing him and pulled out to cum on his back

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