Tuesday, December 09, 2003

i'm an individual! ...you cant fool me

walking up rundle street on friday night i saw a girl leaning against a pillar. she had short black hair in a 'punk' style, messy and all that. she was wearing a short plaid skirt, pink opaque tights, boots, and a green army shirt with an array of badges on it. she also had a black wrist band with spikes on one wrist and a black sweat band on the other wrist.

i shook my head slightly

'kids,' i thought with a sigh, and walked a couple more steps when i noticed another girl. similar in every-single-way. her skirt was green plaid instead of red, her tights were fishnets instead of opaque, but she was *the same*

oh my, the scowl these two gave each other was nasty. nasty i tell you.
how dare someone copy my original style! its screamed, i am the one and only true punk rocker girl in the world, the rest of you are just imitators.

dear me....again, i shake my head and sigh a little...kids

oh, btw, i bought matt a black wrist band with a pink skull on it for christmas :P

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