Monday, December 22, 2003

ok, i admit it

the main reason i bought detroit rock city was because i am still teenagerly in love with edward furlong. look at that he not shaggy and spunky and hot??? yes, yes he is

i fell in love in 1991 when i saw him in terminator 2. i didnt hear the whiney little boy voice then, all i saw was a beautiful beautiful boy who i knew would love me. i then saw what i at the time, voted as the best movie ever, pet semetary 2. and yes, i was even more in love.

after growing up a bit, and harbouring my secret crush, i let it out and admitted to watching terminator 2 on tv purely for the eddie involvement. i also thoroughly enjoyed pecker, which i watched first out of the three john waters movies sean and holly sent for us, because he was in it.

so theres really no surprise that i bought detroit rock city. it was only $12 as well, so that makes it even better.

and, its a really funny movie

yeah, im a still a teenager, rock!

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