Sunday, December 14, 2003

it's not the end of the web!

recently i have been complaining about how bored i am with the internet. i boot up my computer, connect to my crappy dial up, check my email, my blog and everyone's blog thats on my links, i check ebay, and thats it. thats the end. i feel like i need to press eject turn the tv off.

i found a new site and im ever so chuffed. it's pretty, and girly and cool and she thinks like me....perhaps im in love....

i just get so happy when i find a new place to visit. it makes me excited and hoppy and i need to tell everyone about it. ive already visited lots of her links, and thought, yeah! i want one of those butterfly mobiles from that cool online store. but, alas, im not spending $50 on postage for an $7 mobile. while i'm asking for things, i would also like this.

i'm making a cd at the moment for my secret FOW for the annual christmas swap. i'm pretty happy with it so far. if anyone else would like one, just email me and give me your address. if i knew how, i'd make that a link, but i dont, so you'll just have to click over there ->
sean and/or holly, you've probably heard all these songs already, but i'll make you one if you really want one.

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