Thursday, April 10, 2003

ok...this probably isnt a good sign...

i turned on my computer, sat down and ate my tomato soup. i thought i'd better finish it before i start typing because my 'p' button still hasnt recovered form the 'tea spilling' incident of a week or so ago. so i'm sitting there eating soup, and staring into space which happened to be the space around my 'c' button. and then i see it. something is moving. something...looks kinda like a...crumb, maybe? something yellowish...maybe its a toast crumb, like a crumb with butter on it, thats why its yellow...but why is it moving? maybe there's...i dont know, vibrations or something from the tower, but i know that cant work cos they're nowhere near each other. maybe some freak gust of wind blew past my keyboard and i just didnt feel it? then it happens again, except this time it's red. i look closer and i can see the red head of a small yellow wormlike thing wriggling around behind my c button.
now, i dont know whether this has changed or not, but i always thought worms lived under the ground. in the the dirt of the under keys of a keyboard?
i've tried blowing around the keys but i cant find the worm now. im debating whether or not to pop all my keys off and clean it out or to purposly drop food down there and keep him as my little pet. casey, i'll call him...he lives under the c button...hang on...under the c...under the sea, quick, whats that lobsters name from the little mermaid? sebastian! thats it. sebastian my pet keyboard worm

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