Sunday, April 27, 2003

i've been reading a lot of stuff lately on people's blogs that i've been finding....well, disturbing, disappointing, and just down right sad. the first was something holly wrote. she'd found an article on an online newspaper about some people who had had their children taken away from them because they were suspected child pornographers. they were reported to the police by a photo lab who were developing photographs for them. now, reading what i just wrote, you could be shrugging your shoulders and saying, well, thats the way it should be, good on them for dobbing them in. but when you read the article, you'll see that it's just stupidity and feeble mindedness of the police, and also, the blatant laziness of some people. they'll pounce on a poor family and steal their children away for innocent photographs, and meanwhile next door there's probably a three year old being forced to have sex with a 40 year old guy 15 times a day and they wont do anything about it. if i was making child pornography, i sure as hell wouldnt get my filmed developed at a corner store. stupidity.
i also read in darcies blog, something sweet and cute that made me smile, and then something that was so sad i almost cried. i cant find it's just not there or i'm blind for a little while or something. it was about a little girl that she'd met while walking home one day, and the conversation that they'd had, and then about how they'd found a little kid who'd had its skull crushed by it's dad or something. the world really is a fucked up place

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