Monday, April 14, 2003


to all of you who said you'd come to my party tonight, i expect to se eyou there. if this means you have to book a plane ticket i suggest you do it now to avoid disappointment.


wow, yeah, wow. music, humour, costumes, dancing, nudity and strap ons, you cant go wrong really. miss kk juggy had about 5 costume changes, i think, and they got smaller and smaller as the night went on, finishing with a pair of red glitter, heart shaped pasties and a strap on. the widow jones wore a bright orange, vinyl number with matching boots and looked lovely as ever. she still reminds me of kaarin fairfax....
i think i opened lochy's eyes a bit. coming straight from choir to a machine gun fellatio concert was a bit of a change of pace for him but he enjoyed himself. hopefully there'll be more outings for him in the near future.
on the subject of lochy, whoever broke into his house last night and stole everything, first of all, thankyou for being so careful and neat, but could you please put everything back, i mean, fuck, stealing is just nasty. steal from people who can afford to replace things, thats kinda ok, i guess. but people who have no money and not that many things to begin with, stealing from them is a bit harsh, dont you think. just give everything back, fuckers....and i say that with a smile, and in the nicest way possible, or be doomed to wear the shit hat forever.

for more adult photographs of kk juggy please click here and here

remember, 7:30, my house, be alcohol

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