Tuesday, April 01, 2003

i auditioned for emma on saturday morning. so did jamie, jen, louise and megan. all of us felt like we did pretty well. i'm also going to an information night for the killing of sister george tomorrow night. i'm going to try and audition then, i'll let you know how i go. i told my nanna that i was auditioning for it and she got all excited until she found out it was about lesbians. i wish i could spell the noise she made. i also commented on how heather didnt look the least bit interested in my play. and she said that was because i wasnt chris, which is totally right. also, it was dads idea not to hang around afterwards, even though nanna and poppa wanted to. whatever.

i couldnt hang around anyway, i had to go see sharyn do a belly dancing performance. i am so proud of her. yay, go sharyn :)

we got lots of books and...well...crap for the toy fair. we should hurry up and pay for the stall or we wont get a table to sell all of our crap. especially if sean is going to be selling his stuff too, we'll need to hurry so we can get the two tables in time.

we had a fight with matts mum and dad about the boys. apparently because we hadnt called them or come to pick the boys up before lunch time, this meant that we were dead or drugged and being raped. yeah. his dad was about to call the police to say we were missing and matts mum was even making plans to change the house around so the boys could live there. sheesh. i was having a good day on sunday too.

and as of last night, my new favourites on queer as folk are justin and the sexy violinist. i so wanted to be a gay boy last night

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