Tuesday, February 11, 2003

while my kids are relaxing in the loungroom, wearing no pants, watching the great muppet caper, and i am sitting in the kitchen eating a fairy floss flavoured iceblock, i look over to my pile of mail and there is a large envelope there. on the front it says, an important message from the prime minister. on the front, there are pictures of australians on the beach, having a bbq, talking to a friendly police woman, and kids, clapping and laughing at school. basically there is a letter, saying the same things we've been hearing since september 11, 2001, and a booklet, telling us what has been done to try and safeguard us against acts of terrorism, and what to do if something does occur, or you think something may be suspicious. also, according to the booklet, it is now illegal to join or form a terrorist party. i'm sorry, what? i'll quote the booklet :
it is now a crime to plan, support or engage in a terrorist act, or to train with or be a member of a terrorist organisation.

i'll repeat, it is NOW a crime. why wasnt this a crime to begin with? what, did we think that they were just doing that for fun? running around 'pretending' to learn how to spray biological poisons around, that they learn all this stuff just for general knowledge? that they werent really going to do anything about it when they'd learnt everything? oh, and our very brave prime minister, who has promised troops and lied to the rest of us by saying he hasnt, has armed us against the threat of terrorism with a fridge magnet. i know when the bombs are falling i can run out the front of my house, safe in the knowledge that my fridge magnet will keep me safe from harm. it says to stick it on my fridge, but i'm sure i'll have to take it off and hold it over my head or something, to make it work to the best of my ability. luckily it's got space on it to write in my doctors phone number...i'm sure i'll need to call him

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