Saturday, February 15, 2003

happy valentines day

Title Fight: Heart v Mind
There's a good chance that before we met
There were days I'd walked right past her
But now I'm seeing her tomorrow or maybe the day after
I have to tell myself to slow down, it's early days still
Anything can happen and it probably will It's early days
My mind's just put on boxing gloves, my heart's refused to fight it
I watch the station pass me by where I should have alighted
Could this turn into something I'll be writing home about?
The inspector shakes his head and says "so you just forgot to get out?"
It's early days
She's got a face just like an angel, what does she see in me?
Why does my stomach feel like it's just eaten food that don't agree?
It's early days
It's early days
It's still early days (you've gotta slowdown)
It's early days

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