Tuesday, February 04, 2003

ok, a bit of background first. my mum and dad are divorced and have been for....ages....(im starting thereapy on thursday that will hopefully help me to actually be able to remember timeframes and dates). the divorce, as such, didnt affect us. mum and dad apart were pretty much the same as mum and dad together, it was the fact that dad was 'oh so poor' had 'absolutely no money' ;waaa waaa whine lie blubber cry poor im living in a gutter and not a two story townhouse!!!' and decided that it was easier to hide his money in many different places rather than pay maintenance for myself and my brothers. i have recently found out that the amount of maintenance you are required to pay is 17% of your previous years earnings. my mum only asked for $5 a week for each of us, thats $15, put into a bank account and we could have it when we were older. but apparently dad was too busy buying leather jackets and cars to be able to afford that, so he just outright didnt pay. and hasnt paid. not a cent to this day. he once bought me a pair of sneakers. that was part of the deal too, that he pay for our school shoes. he bought me a pair of sneakers when he bought his girlfriend at the time, a new pair of shoes and you got the second pair half price. he actually is still required to pay maintenance for aaron since he went back to school this year.
so now he's engaged to heather, im not going into that. heather has a son, chris. and chris got this girl, annette pregnant. then there was this huge thing about how she was apparently cheating on chris at about the same time she got pregnant so there wasnt 100% assurance that the baby was his. heather was talking to chris about how if it turns out that the baby is his, he'll have to pay maintenance. chris says he doesnt care, and in heathers words, 17% of his wage isnt that much anyway. then i said...
'yeah, its beter off that he finds out if the baby is his now. imagine not paying anything for years, and then the kid gets to 25 or something, and he has to pay it all back'
oh, how i laughed, (inside my head). it's a shame that dad wasnt in the room to hear it. and its an even worse shame that heather is too stupid to tell dad what i said. i hope she does tell him ,and that he gets at least a little scared.
another thing i said.... aaron is turning 18 in may and he's never really had a girlfriend, let alone gone out and done...well, anything. but he's with a girl called lisa know who is lovely. dad found this out and said, 'it's about time your brother started going out and doing something' i said, 'well, at least he wasnt going out and getting into any trouble'. dad agrees with this, and says, 'not like brett, but you didnt go out that much, you didnt get into any trouble' and to that i say, 'well, you wouldnt know'. pause......'no, i wouldnt'
yeah, you take that! and you'd better start saving your pennies bucko cos one day a lawyer will coming a tap tap tapping on your caravan door.

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