Saturday, February 01, 2003

firstly, sunburn - ow
secondly, you am i are the best fucking band in the entire fucking universe
thirdly, you need to experience a big day out.

we went to tim's house for breakfast. we had pancakes, sausages, and bacon. well, thats what i had, there was also toast, onions, beer, champagne and various types of wine. i had a lemonade. matt drank 14 beers before 11:30. i disowned him at about 10.
we caught the tram to the showgrounds and went in to see augue march first off. wow. i've never seen augie march play. i've heard them. i went to see them with matt and marc once but i was so tired and hot i just sat outside in the beer garden and listened. it wasnt as powerful as i remember, but i think that has to do with it being an open air concert and it being 1pm, but it was definatley impressive. i have no idea how that guy can write the songs he does, let alone play the guitar, and remember the lyrics. they're al like chapters of books. talented talented talented.
next up we walked around for a bit and then went to see the waifs. i really like them. those girls are soo cool and the guy is an amazing guitarist. it's, like, there was a song that was pretty much just harmonica for a few minutes, and it is so cool. really feel good sort of music that maked you happy and makes you dance. vikki got us to sing the chorus of london still twice because she was feeling so good about the whole thing, cos we liked their music so much. she's cute.
what next...matt and marc went off to watch the deftones and then the music and lyndell and i walked around and tried to find sharyn and rory.
we saw a bit of the vines and i was suitably unimpressed again by them, which im glad about. i dont want to end up liking them cos they shit me. they were so very boring.
im not sure how i cameto miss rocket science. i remember hearing them but i was on my way somewhere. probably looking for someone cos we all lost each other quite a few times over the day. it's ok though, you always find someone you know.
i saw wilco. i was really looking forward to them and i was pretty dissappointed. they didnt play any songs off of the album i have, and i didnt know many of what they did play. their drummer is a psycho though. i cant understand how he can remember what he's doing. it's not like it's super fast or anything, it's just complicated and all over the place.
i caught up with sharyn and rory after wilco. apparently i was walking around in a daze looking like a little lost puppy or something. we looked for everyone else but couldnt find them. i saw a bit of queens of the stoneage. their bass player played the whole show naked. that went down well apparently, so matt said. i looked for matt the whole time through pj harvey. we'd organised to meet behind the slingshot ride and we both went there but neither of us saw each other.
jane's addiction. wow. i was a bit worried at the beginning cos perry didnt seem to be really singing anything. just, making noises and speaking the words. but he got into it after a while. everyone knew all the songs and was singing and dancing along happily. no pushing and shoving. everyone was getting along nicely. actually, i wasnt pushed around at all, lovely well behaved people out there in the crowds yesterday.
i had planned on staying until jane says and then running iff to see machine gun fellatio, and thats what i did do, except that they played jane says last so as soon as it finished, sharyn and i ran over to the other stage to watch machine gun felatio, (who, by the way have a new t shirt out that says 'machine gunillingus', which i would very much like to own) and oh my god. if that wasnt the most amazinga stage show ive ever seen. there were g strings ahoy, asian girls dressed in fluffy tutu's, a man with a head like a 70's pornstar wearing spiky rubber underpants, another asian girl with a toaster on her head, who was, rightly called, miss toast. they are cool. i mean, they are really really cool. they are coming back to adelaide in a month and i will be there.
then i ran back for a bit of foo fighters which wasnt all that impressive. maybe if i'd been there the whole time i would have gotten into it more, but i was just standing to the side and i couldnt see that well. that said, id still fuck dave grohl.
then, there was more running for you am i.
you am i
you am i are the best austrailan band. and i would easily say that thay are the best band in the world. they're talented, entertaining, attractive in some wierd way, and they're i danced and danced and rocked out with the rest of the crowd, and i was aching from hours of only sitting down at the toilet but that didnt matter cos you am i were playing and they were doing it for us, and they care so we have to give it back to them. tim was talking to all of us, 'have you had enough of the 'big' us bands? had enough nakedness? had enough big stage crowds? had enough (then he sang some of a foo fighters song but i cant remember which one) had enough of wandering around? well now you're here and we're gonna rock for you! you who've come to listen to our little band! you who've fought against the majority to come and see an aussie band rock out!' etc etc. you cant ehlp but get into it when timmy starts all that. that and it was lil davey's 22nd birthday. happy birthday davey :)
then we hobbled back to the tram stop. hobbled very slowly. the tram wasnt coming for another 20 minutes so we caught a taxi home, got hungry jacks on the way and slept at matts parents house. i woke up with a stingy stingy back, an aching body, and after cursing the big day out last night, im looking forward to the next one already.

sorry you couldnt have been there

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