Friday, December 27, 2002

wot i got

well, it's over, and thank what ever deity you feel like cos i've had enough of it. my house is a huge mess despite the clean up matt and i did beforehand and i only scored $200. that will soon become a big day out ticket and a pair of shoes though :) oh well, here's the list

book voucher
2 cute stones
faerie-ality book
family - moments intimacy love and kinship book
chronicals of narnia book
moisturiser and bath stuffs
candle holders
wishing star
photo album
snow globe
cd and record signed by darren hanlon
cool 60's vacuum cleaner
glasses and a jug
coat hangers

im sure there's more but i cant remember

all in all, i got pretty good stuff. the boys got sooooooooooooo much. probably the favourite for both of them is all the bubble making stuff they both got. i like bubbles so its fun for all three of us :) matt has been painting the bedroom so he hasnt been joining in with our fun. he's also a little snarky at me cos i messaged daniel. i just asked how he'd been, and said that i hoped he had a good christmas. he wrote back and said that he was in hospital in lots of pain. i dont know whats wrong with him and im worried. i guess there'll be a few more people snarky with me now. but, im being honest, i cant do anymore than that.

we'll be picking up our new flokati rug in the next few days. cant wait. its gonna be so funky in my lounge room.

alrighty, back to cleaning. i'll stop by in the next few days. be good and have fun :)

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