Thursday, December 12, 2002

i've been listening to a lot of tori amos. i read on jas's blog that she was obsessed with a particular tori song so i got out my album, i'll have to search through my tapes and find my other albums cos i only have boys for pele on cd and i've been listening to that non stop for a couple of days. i wish i could play piano. i've always wanted one of those piano-o-phones, or whatever they're called. you know, those piano flute things. but i would like to know how to play piano properly, and not just so i can play other peoples songs, but so i can make up my own stuff.

carly :matt wears both, and sometimes nothing
sean : no tighty whities to get in the way
sean: the nothing doesn't surpise me
sean : i'm actually surprised he wears them
sean : i've always figured him for a skin man lol
carly : lol, i'll let him know you've thought about his underwear :)
sean : hey now
sean : not like that
sean : not in a gay way
sean : lol
sean : you butt
carly : hehehe

and i did tell him :)

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