Sunday, December 22, 2002

well, we must be billionares. well, ok, thousandares. alright, really we just borrowed some money out of our homeloan, and we're spending it, and it feels good.
do you like this ottoman? why, yes, i do. well, lets buy it, ok :)
in the last 4 days we've spent nearly $2000. i cant believe how easy it is. we've bought two chesterfield armchairs, 15 litres of paint, all the door handles, an ottoman, a rug, a wardrobe, a mandarine tree, some pots, a fern, some doors, various other tools and screws and bits and pieces and lunch, twice. its so nice not to have to worry about whether we can afford something. not huge things, im not saying i want to be supremely wealthy, it'd just be nice if, like today, when the boys ask for chicken and chips for lunch, we can say ok.
we've been having a good time doing the renovations. even though we were up till 3:30 am painting on friday night, and sweltering in all the shops on saturday, we've been having a good time. elijah's room has been painted and just has to have the lights put in now. i guess that'll be done after christmas sometime, all the lights. everything will start to look really nice soon. i cant wait.
i'm kinda happy.

we opened our christmas presents from sean and holly on friday night. we were supposed to wait until christmas eve, but we couldnt make it. they are wonderful people and they give us too much :)
ive already had to wash my new t shirt because im sucha grub and spilled coke down it, but it came out, and im going to wear it on christmas day. matt is going to wear his star wars shirt, i think, but i have given him two new tops that he doesnt know about yet, so there'll be a bit of a tough decision for him.
so, again, a huge


to sean and holly :)

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