Monday, December 02, 2002

is there a band in the world that can make me smile as much as the whitlams do? well, yeah, theres you am i, but, the whitlams....mmmm
we got to the gov at about 7:30, in time to hear a few songs by the support band who i'm very pleased to say, we didnt have to see since we were going to the late show. we had some dinner. a yummy crumbed chicken thing stuffed with some tomato and cheesy stuff that was nice, and some baby potatoes and this reeeeeeeally nice caremalized onion and sundried tomato sauce. yummo.
we bumped into rikki and chantelle in the toilets and managed to lose them pretty easily cos we didnt want to share our boys.
we lined up and got a really good spot down the front just to the side of jak. while we were waiting for them to start we saw jak and terepai sitting around near the back room and sharyn kept bugging me to go over there. apparently im the better talker of the two of us. i just think i'm better at saying stupid things. so i went over there and jak smiled at me and gave me a kiss and a hug and said that he was thinking about us while he was playing the first show....that made me happy. terepai gave me a kiss and a hug too and we talked about yoga and how he likes it better than belly dancing, especially on his cereal. did i mention that he is the master at stupid comments that make you roll your eyes and groan? well, i have now. jak invited us out after the show, and that made me very pleased.
so i went back to our spot and when the guys walked on, we saw that we had a perfect position where we could see all of the guys perfectly, and the sound was good too. they seemed to be having a really good time, stuffing up and laughing about it and just playing rather than performing. they were all in really good moods. i love that. it totally changes a gig when you can tell that the band are pretending to be in good moods rather than just having fun. you am i are like that.
jak doesnt play charlie #2 so he jumped down the front with a group of girls and seemed to be in his element. and then when he got back up on stage and they started to play hamburgers, terepai, or jamiropai as he was known that night, decided that he'd rather do some filming than play drums, so jak jumped on the drums and did a really good job.
i'm still smiling.
the whitlams fucking rock
so afterwards, we were talking to them, and i asked terepai if he was coming out but he said that he was too tired, so i asked jak and he says, yeah! these two girls have invited me to come watch them kiss!. boys.
so we all went to the supermild again and had a really good time. and jak watched the girls kiss. like, about an inch away from their faces with a huge grin on his face. then when they stopped he looked at me with this, 'is that not the most amazing thing you've ever seen!' look on his face. i asked him to call terepai and get him to come out and when he said that he'd be too tired, i put my arm around sharyn and said, awwww. so jak put his arms around us and pushed us together with the same stupid grin on his face. im gonna say it again, boys!
well holly, they said they were coming back in winter so if you're here we'll have to put on a show for them :)

i hope everyone in thanksgiving land had a good day and ate lots of yummy food. i'm off to the police station now to pay my first installment of my fine, $13. yep, if they want my money, they're gonna have to wait for it

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