Tuesday, December 17, 2002

ok, i've held off for long enough.

first theres the underwear thing, now this. its not worrying me, its only fair i guess, since holly and i will probably kiss, but its weird that it's only been brought up lately. im sure that they've both been thinking about it for a long time, i mean, we've all known each other for two years, its bound to happen. its like falling in love with your flat mate, i guess...inevitable.
so here it is, sean and matt are in love. i know they'd both be too shy to admit it, so i'll graciously tell the world for them. at the moment i think it may be a little one sided, like, sean likes matt a bit more. or maybe sean is just more at ease with his feelings and can express them a little more romantically than matt. matt just likes to talk about them going off and scouring toy and comic shops, when, as you will see, and have seen before, sean is more likely to speak at a more intimate level.
i know in the chat shown below it seems that i am teasing, but its only in a fun way. i know how true their feelings are, and its a beautiful thing.
sean : oh and the pj's smelled nice
carly : lol
sean : is that you that made them smell pretty?
carly: lmao
carly : no, it was matt
sean : lol
sean : oh dear
carly : he put his aftershave on and wore them for a bit
sean : lol
sean :no fuckin' way
sean : lmao
sean : oh shit
carly : well, it was ck one, thats the one for men and women, isnt it?
sean : first it's the underwear comment, now this
carly : i know
sean : my case is not looking good
carly : you have to wonder
sean : lol
sean : yeah, ck one is unisex
sean : so it coulda been you :-P
carly : could have
carly : but it wasnt
carly : it was matt
carly : and you said he smelled good
sean : well, matt doesn't stink so that's a good thing at least
carly : no, sorry
sean : feh
sean : heh, i just got a mental picture of him wearing those
carly : pretty
sean : lol
sean : oh jeez... this one's ending up in your blog isn't it?
carly : heh heh heh
sean : i'm sealing my fate here aren't I?
sean : you are a hard woman Carly Whittaker
* carly giggles and opens up blogger
sean : oh damn

its all there folks....you be the judge

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