Saturday, December 07, 2002

i went to my first rehearsal on wednesday night and everything went pretty well. i have to speak up, buti'm always being told that.
the eclipse was that night but it wasnt all that spectacular, not from where we were anyway. aparently in ceduna it was amazing, but all we got was some bright cloud and then some not so bright cloud, and since it was 7:30, cloudy and dark, it didnt seem like it was that much different to a normal 7:30 ish night.
i had a dream last night that i was in a play and i was like one of the can can dances in moulin rouge, and i was pretty happy with that, except that my director who was a stupid bitch, and i'm pretty sure was supposed to be my year 12 drama teacher, cast me as pantinello or something, who was this guy who was basically a clown. so i had to be both charcters, and i was mad because i'd have to switch costumes all the time, and change my makeup.
a better dream i had was about a group of us who were doing an eisteddfod kind of a thing, and i had a break so i decided to take a look around the building and i ran into karlie. she was alright. she did that same stupid smirk, but i didnt take it badly. we decided to go shopping in the city, which turned out to be sydney. we found heaps of cool clothes shops and then as karlie was looking at some art stuff, i saw tim rogers from you am i. so i followed after him and we got talking and he was saying how he hopes i enjoy the show tonight, and im embarrased cos i couldnt afford to go, and i was too shy to ask if he could put my name on the door.
so i tell him that he should come to adelaide and listen to a few local bands. and he starts naming bands like maple and hummel, and i started saying anatone and he finished it for me and said that he'd heard that they were really good. so, i told him that i had some anatone in my car, and that he should come and listen to it. so he did. and on the way, he was telling me about how this was his local fish shop and that was where he got his bread and all that sort of stuff. along the way we met up with sharyn and karlie and we all sat in my car and listened to the tape. karlie was driving though, i dont know why.
on another note that is directly related, last night you am i played and i wasnt there, because i had no money. how could i have missed it? if i hadnt have picked up the boys christmas presents, i could have gone. bah. well, theres always next time, i guess, but that'll be next winter, about the same time as the's too long to wait :(

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