Friday, January 20, 2012

ups and down, ins and outs

so last week we had the forgetting, the seeing mystery things, the not seeing actual things, the not wanting to leave my room.... what can we do with this week?

oh! i know, how about i make everyone at work think im having a heart attack?! awesome idea, me!

i checked some books in, i grabbed one, (in the correct way, OT lady), turned and placed it in the trolley behind me. goodness me, that hurt. i'll just rest here until the pain in my back stops..... doesnt seem to be stopping.... actually seems to be getting worse... oh look, i cant breathe! handy!
to save you all the tiny details, i was wheeled on an office chair into the staff room, where i lay on the floor with a wet paper towel on my forehead, my legs on a block, my arms not moving, turning paler and paler, feeling hot and cold, getting numb tingly hands

apparently i was dying

ok, i wasnt dying, but everyone was super worried about me. so super worried that i was transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

i wasnt dying though. id *just* pulled a muscle in my back. but when i say 'just', the doctor said 'they can be excruciatingly painful'. she was correct!

then i went home

i had endone. i recommend endone for all your pain needs. i will say it every day if someone gives me a life time supply


the next day is today. i feel a lot better, and i discover this

The Honey Pies, HENNY PENNY from Laneway Pictures on Vimeo.



  1. oh gosh, i'm glad you're ok! i got freaked when i saw your ambo picturrrrre on facebook :S

  2. i was also quite quite quite freaked out.... all okish now though :)

  3. Anonymous5:08 pm

    What an interesting life you lead :-) Glad you're OK!