Wednesday, January 18, 2012

right, so i had a cat scan


but i did. i had a cat scan and a shitload of blood taken. cos, im not sure that you know, but seeing things that arent there and not seeing things that are? that is not correct brain procedure.

all that we found out is that my brain is fine. but as far as my blood work goes, my pain receptors are heightened. this basically means that i hurt, and i hurt lots. and if you were feeling that hurt it would probably be quite ok, possibly non existent, but probably handleable. when i hurt, it HUUUUUURTS. and its real because thats the way my body is feeling it.  so, dont hit me or anything, k?

to fix this i have to get lighter and fitter.

im considering a photo a day thing. this is for a couple of reasons.

it will help me post more.
if i do lose weight, i'll be able to put it together like in a flip book an watch myself get skinny.
if i make the commitment to post a photo every day, that means (for your sake and mine) that i will need to get dressed every day, and therefore, put some sort of effort into my appearance.

but as you know i am very very lazy.  so i guess i'll aim for 3 photos a week and see what happens

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