Tuesday, January 24, 2012

post started 4/7/05


apparently the members of the band simple people are all up in arms about what i have said on my blog. somehow they've taken it as the velveteen habit badmouthing them.

dear simple people,
yes, i know the memebers of the velveteen habit, but this is not their website. this is a space voiced soley by myself where i express my views and my opinions.
i would appreciate it if you stopped being mad at them and directed your anger where it is warranted, ie, me. i wrote whatever it is you are upset about so have it out with me.
do not hold it against the members of the velveteen habit or jet studios as it has nothing to do with them.
should you wish to discuss this further, please comment below and we will discuss it. you and me. not through the bands and hearsay.
love carly

i remember this, i think.  i have a vague recollection of seeing the band, but not of the kerfuffle mentioned.
i googled simple people. they dont exist anymore. neither does velveteen habit

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