Wednesday, May 28, 2008

so far today

* folded and sorted all clothes on kitchen table/floor (not put away. lazy!)
* sorted and cleared kitchen table after all clothes were removed. managed to throw some things away (managed to just move some things from table to somewhere else)
* took suitcase of dolls clothes etc into shed (brought in smaller suitcase of dolls clothes etc)
* decided to sell some dolls and clothes (instead of photographing them, have left them on the table)
* ate healthy - roast vegetables (eyeing off kids chocolate in the fridge. considering going to shops to buy chocolate. considered walking to shops. decided if i go, i shall be driving)
* cleaned shower (dont have a negative for that. go me)
* havent played ds today, is now 2pm (have very cold feet and want to be in bed playing ds now)


played ds. did one half of the island. put it away rather than doing second half
finished half of my kitchen, involving moving table, moving dolls house and sweeping
took photos of sellable stuff and advertised on ATP forum
took out recycling
have officially run out of time for today, will endeavour to continue tomorrow.*

*continuing tomorrow means missing out on being an extra in a film. i wont have anything to do in the film except sit in an audience. but. i dont know

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