Thursday, May 15, 2008

my phone and how much i hate it

it was good when i first got it. a novelty to be able to take photos, and yay! the prospect of having cool songs on my phone. like a walkman, without the tapes and headphones! how cool

in reality tho, it holds no songs, except the beginning of all my loving my jim sturgess (not that im complaining about that) and the photos are pretty shit


thats not even what im complaining about

first, this happens

*artists impression

big annoying crack in the screen, and now, when people call me, i dont know who it is! stupid phone says 'call' not whos calling, not even the number. which is shit, because what if someone calls me that i dont want to speak to? how will i know? but mostly, since im always missing calls, i dont know who it is that calls me cos it doesnt record the caller id. the last time this happened was a couple of hours ago, so, if it was you who called me, call again

and, in future, if you call and i dont answer, message me, or i just wont know, and thats sad

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