Saturday, September 08, 2007

its september, how the hell did that happen?

ive had this arguement about my blog before - whether what i write on here is truth or whether it is lies. and as i said while i was in court, its truth. that is, except, when i write at the end of a post that what i have written is purely fictional. except that part, the 'what i have just written is purely fictional', that part is true. you know what i mean. if you cant distinguish between truth and fiction, i suggest you go and read something else. perhaps a little golden book. or maybe the messenger. both of these publications i read on a regular basis and both fill me with joy at the quaintness of our world.


perhaps you could read dooce? here's an excerpt

When we get out to the car Jon has pulled almost every remaining hair off his head, and goes on and on about how I am single-handedly messing up Leta’s education, that all of her teachers for the next 18 years are going to have to undo all the damage I’ve already done. Why? Because I taught her how to say crayon the right way. Not because of all that heroin I smoked during pregnancy. Or how I like to drop her on her head from the roof of the house. Interesting.
you know what? i might be going out on a limb here, im not sure, but...i dunno... i.dont.think.heather.actually.smoked.heroin.or.dropped.leta.on.her.head.from.the.roof.of.the house. call me crazy (crazy) (never gets old) but im thinking thats...possibly sarcasm? perhaps wit? maybe a shot at how saying one word different to other people isnt going to do as much damage to her life as smoking heroin while pregnant or dropping her on her head from the roof of the house?

next, i shall be doing a spot of free thinking, wherein i write without much thought. please read it. i really really hope that you do. and i really really hope you each find something in it for yourselves and others around you

throat is hurting - perhaps should stop smoking crack.....(bwaaahhahahahaa. sorry, is that joke getting old?)

in one way, im looking forward to the wedding im going to soon. will be cute to see the boys (unamed) in their little suits. will be lovely to see two people who love each other so much, get together forever. in other ways which are blatantly obvious to quite a few people, would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork (was that sarcasm? who knows! she's just so tricky)

only mentioned the other day how i dont care so much about a certain couple of people being together, and that seeing them didnt bother me in the slightest. as long as he keeps his dick in his pants, everything should be fine

i sped in my car, but i've never driven around for months with my children in the car, and not actually had a license....hmmm....

dinner tonight should be interesting.

ebay is hilarious

me and the kids cleaned the toy room, and next week i'll be getting some things from ikea (miffy, i love you) that they chose to store their toys in.

speaking of which, IKEA CATALOGUE!!


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