Monday, September 10, 2007

i have a headache. oops, there i go again, being so selfish. its all about me. me me me.

um...there is a headache and its hanging around....shit, i was gonna say 'my head' but that, again, is all about me.

i know! sharyn went to ikea today. i wont say that i went with her, because that would be selfish, talking about me, so we'll just say that sharyn went to ikea today and bought some things. she had lunch there which consisted of a very tasty piece of garlic bread. and then she came home. what a lovely day sharyn had.

holly got voted off of australian idol for singing the gossip and having bad hair

miffy had her birthday party on saturday night at the cavern for dinner and gosh for dancing. very nice time was had by all. except for the part where miffy was spewing and when we got back to my car and noticed that some dickface had smashed into it. shit, not my car. um. a car. and i'm sure that the person who owns the car was not very happy about it.

dublin would be nice

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