Saturday, September 22, 2007


it was a beautiful day. miffy and i managed to get within 30 seconds of the church before we decided we had gone the wrong way, turned back, drove down some back streets, ended up back where we started, turned the corner, and 'look! people!' or 'paintball' as x heard me say.

i couldnt help singing the christian television association version of the lords prayer. where are those ads now?

e didnt want to go. and once we got there, he didnt want to be there. thankfully they were both extremely well behaved during the ceremony. even when e slid his way around a car in the gardens and covered his brand new white t shirt in dirt.

instead of going to the reception, miffy and i went to the pizza shop in mclaren vale and drank coke and ate pizza. then we looked in at browse in and save and got some beatles pictures, and then to the chocolate shop. it was a lovely day.

thanks for being my date, miffy. WE are awesome

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