Friday, December 03, 2004

so, like, whats been happening?


not much different than usual. over the last couple of weeks i've just been doing the same mum/librarian/actor/sex goddess stuff.
i didnt take the full time job at woodcroft. i would have liked to for the job security, but im liking noarlunga and i also dont want to have the boys in childcare every day of the week. i couldnt get the childcare right now anyway, which was the main reason i didnt take it, but im glad that i didnt.
i met the girl who's job im doing at the moment. she's really nice. sweet and cute, and has a cute baby. so im not going to feel bad when i have to give her job back. she said she was thinking of coming back in july so that gives me a bit of time still.

im going to melbourne this weekend. woohoo! i get to see theresa!!! personwhosnameimustnevermention's mum bought x a flight to melbourne for his birthday but i said he wasnt going with just personwhosnameimustnevermention so we had to wait until now wso the three of us could go. e will be spending the weekend with them. im sure both the boys will enjoy themselves. not entirely sure what we'll be doing there yet. probably got to the zoo and do some sciency things with the boy. and see theresa!!! im hoping she can suggest somewhere cool to go out for tea or something. ooh, good idea, i'll message her now.

rehearsals are going pretty well. im still not toned and all that jazz for my nude scene but i've got a while yet till i have to nude up in front of thousands. ok hundreds. of, tens of people. heehee, i get to kiss mousie. here's a picture of us from cuckoos nest. we're all stoked and tired cos its after the last perfomance and we're about to get smashed on tequila

so the new harry potter came out on dvd on wednesday so we bought it. we all sat down and watched it as soon as i got home last night. is there something very wrong with me? is it so bad to find harry and hermione that attractive? and ron too at times. he's getting pretty funky, what with that beanie and everything. and he doenst sleep in pyjamas like the rest of the nerds, he sleeps in a tshirt and comfy pants. ooh, i cant wait for the next one where they'll actually get to kiss people.

i really am a sicko, arent i....hang on, let me find out how old they are in real life

the christmas pageant was on a couple of weeks ago. i had to work, so personwhosnameimustnevermention took the boys. see how cute they are?

personwhosnameimustnevermention has shaved his beard off now. would you like to know why? he was at a hospital taking photos of where some signs were going to go. he's a sign guy, you see. the lady in the cafeteria where he was taking photos asked him what he was doing, and he told her. seems simple enough, dont you think?
so he heads back to work and when he gets there he's called into the office. it seems that the nice old cafeteria lady didnt believe his 'just taking photos for work' story. no. no, she thought that he was part of a terrorist group, and noted down his license plate number and called the police.

so personwhosnameimustnevermention shaved off his beard. not before spending the rest of the day wearing a tea towel on his head

feel like buying me something? i'd like to try this. and this too, cheaper version.
but i think i'd really like one of these. oh, and this does say any, doesnt it?

ok, daniel radcliffe is 15, rupert grint is 16 and emma watson is 14. would you look at them??!!??

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