Monday, December 27, 2004

so, im in love with missy higgins. is that a problem??

my christmas wrap up (a spelling joke i stole from the panel)

christmas was pretty good all round this year. the boys were suitably impressed by their bikes and 'christmas surfboards'. e has declared his bike to be his 'favwit owange tigor bike'. that is until today when one of the training wheels fell of and all thise little orange plastic bits keep popping off all over the place.
right now they are in the lounge watching the secret of nimh, and next x would like to watch willow. he's been playing with his magnetix all weekend and e keeps changing into all his new clothes so i think we can safely say they were both pleased with their new aquisitions.

now, the all important stuff: what i got. matt got me a 1 hour massage voucher, missy higgins cd, teen wolf video, welcome to the dollhouse video, sample people vidoe, a cute little suitcase, a muppet christmas annual and some huge weird mushroom house thing. i am currently scouring the internet for it so i can show you what i mean. when i turned it upside down to see who made it there was a really old sticker of shannen doherty stuck to the bottom.

mum got me a really cool buddha statue with a candle holder. cant decide yet whether to put her inside or outside. and my aunty got me some cute little lantern lights for under the pergola.

vicki got me a ticket to a day on the green so now i get to see missy higgins in real life. i will let everyone know if she is bi/lesbian after the concert when i'll smile at her and she'll either instantly fall in love with me or we'll end up just being good friends

got a bit of money too which should come in handy since a day on the green is a camping over night thingy with no bring your own food or drink which is pretty sucky. im lookng forward to the breakfast the next day tho

cant think of anything that stupid that i got this year...oh! some denim mugs. no, they arent made of denim, thay have a print of denim on them...yeah..denim mugs...came in a shoe box sized box with denim print on it as well...yeah

no plans for new years yet. its quite possible i'll just stay at home like i do every year and drink half a bottle of something alcoholic like i do every year. sorry if i just ruined your picture of me as an all night party girl who's into anything and everything...i still could be, thats what makes me so mysterious...doesnt it? fuck it, whatever.

ive got my period and a headache so i dont really care. im goin to have a nap

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