Monday, December 13, 2004

im in an extremely whiney and complainy mood today. this is not helped by the fact that it is school holidays and i have to listen to the boys. yes, just listening to them is grating my nerves today. poor babies. i do love you...just so you know guys.

did i write about melbourne? i cant remember...hang i didnt. i will now.

last weekend, not the one just been, the one before, personwhosnameimustnevermention, x and i went to melbourne. it was a birthday present for x. yeah, of course a 5 year old gets to go to melbourne for his birthday, why the hell not? actually as you would all probably know, x's birthday is in june. personwhosnameimustnevermention's mum was going to send him on a mystery flight back then with her flybuys points but decided to wait till she had enough to send the three of us to melbourne instead. so we went.

we arrived at melbourne airport about 9:30 saturday morning. this would have been ok except it was at about this time that i realised i'd left my effexor at home. do i need to say that again for you? I LEFT MY EFFEXOR AT HOME. this is not like leaving your toothbrush, your hairbrush(which i also left home) or your favourite t shirt. this is like leaving something that is imperitive to your existence 45 minutes flight away or an 8 hour drive. and with it being a saturday we couldnt exactly get someone to post it to us, could we? no, no we couldnt.
so we went to a chemist. they said it was fine to get the prescription faxed to them and they could fill it for me. what nice chemist people. all i had to do was call the doctor and get them to send it.

"medical centre, how can i help you?"
"hi, im in melbourne at the moment and have just realised ive left my medicine at home. i need to take it every day. is it possible to get the prescription faxed to me?'
"i'll have to talk to the doctor, i'll get back to you"

after taking my name, number, fax number, medicine info and all that, the conversation was finished and i told the chemist people and i went to have some breakfast, happy in the knowledge that i will soon be downing 2 effexors with a strawberry thickshake from mcdonalds*

so i went to mcdonalds, bought the thickshake, met up with the boys and waited for a while as x made his way s l o w l y through three chicken mcnuggets. still no phone call. we were very close to the victoria markets so we thought we'd wander through there. they're only a couple of minutes away from the chemist, we'll be fine.

the markets are very cool. they are very cool for about the first 3 aisles. then you start to wonder if you've seen that face before. wasnt that guy 2 aisles back selling bizzarre wind up toys and spaderman toys? im sure ive seen those trinsformers before. didnt that girl shove a strange self heating muscle pack on my back 10 minutes ago? and im sure i saw that dead kangaroo skin hanging up as soon as we walked in.
yeah, same shit, different aisle. regardless of this you HAVE to keep looking because you WILL find it cheaper. the trick is to remember which one was cheapest. we ended up paying $6 for a pack of yu gi oh cards instead of $10. i dont know if saving that $4 was worth the 6 aisles of "THE YUGIOH CARDS WERE BACK THERE. BACK THERE!!!!" but we saved $4, goddammit.

you may have noticed that i am yet to take my medicine. this is because i am yet to get the phone call from the doctor. this is also an hour and a half since i spoke to them.

"hi, i rang earlier. someone was supposed to fax a prescription to me in melbourne"
"the doctor is very busy and has 13 patients ahead of you. im not even sure if she will get to you today (starts to say something while i quietly freak out)"
"you said you would speak to her, you said you would ask"
"i cant go in there now, she is with a patient"
"yes, but you said an hour and a half ago you would..."
"there are 13 patients ahead of you"
"could you please..."
"i cant go in, you'll have to wait"
"but i just..."
"im sory, but you'll have to wait. there are 13 patients ahead of you, she is very busy"
'fine, finish your sentence"
"you said you dont even know if she'll get to me. all i want to know is IF she will get to me. please ask her if she is going to do it. if she is not i will find another way to get my medicine"

i am then put on hold

doctor robin gets on the phone. i hear her voice and calm down for a split second until she says "i cant have you abusing my staff"

so this is where i lose it. i am sitting in the middle of the victoria markets, surrounded by people and stalls selling a bazillion things i do not want and i am crying into the phone

'i just want to know if you are going to get to me. i didnt abuse her, she wouldnt let me talk. i know you are nice and i dont want you mad at me, i just want to know if i am going to get my medicine. i can wait for it, i just want to know if im going to get it.'
doctor robin is telling me to chill. that its ok, that she's faxing my prescription now, that everything is going to be fine. she calls me matey and i of course turn 6 years old and cry even more. i imediatley start composing an apology letter in my head. not to the stupid bitch at the desk though.

so in the end i get my medicine, we walk back to the hotel and x and i sleep for a couple of hours while personwhosnameimustnevermention walks the city.
the next day we tackle the aquarium and brunswick street which rules and then we meet theresa for drinks at the pub. yayayayayay theresa!!!!

she and i proceed to spend an hour in the toilet catching up and x makes himself at home playing pool with the locals and scoring free drinks at the bar. the night finished with a promise that i will come to melbourne by myself so theresa and i could talk without unintentionally leaving everyone for an hour.

on monday we headed down to st kilda so x could stand at the closed gates of luna park and cry. then we went to chapel street and i wished for more money, then we went to intencity so x could play games which was all he was asking for all weekend.

my phone had run out of batteries and we were using personwhosnameimustnevermentions. oh look, it 5 o clock, we need to catch the plane at 6:30, we should head off.

so we walk back to the hotel, grab our things, walk to the shuttle bus terminal, hop on the bus and it is then that i look up at the clock. um, does that clock say 6:20? um, yeah, i think it does. personwhosnameimustnevermention, did you not change the time on your phone? is your phone still on adelaide time? cos accordning to your phone its 10 to 6.

needless to say we missed our flight. they were kind enough to put us on the next adeladie flight which was at 8:45. that was fine. we got to have some tea and sit around for a while and not feel rushed.

it wasnt until the storm rolled in that everything started to suck. apparently the people who work on the tarmac dont like the rain and the lightning, so they dont really want to work out there, so we had to wait

and wait

and wait

waiting is ok. i dont mind it. in and out was on tv and that was cool. its funny in a 'oh look at that american man pretending not to be gay when he so clearly is' kind of way. except kissing tom selleck is not my idea of a lightbulb moment.

at quarter to 11 we got on the plane. there was no food because if we waited for the caterers we'd miss the curfew in adelaide and have to wait till the next day to get home. that was ok, we got a coke and a packet of peanuts. we also got to watch an episode of absolutely fabulous AND an interview with missy higgins..mmmmmm
btw, if anyone wants to by me a ticket to a day on the green for christmas, they are most welcome

*because we were travelling with a 5 year old, we survived the weekend on pizza and mcdonalds. i feel so dirty. they didnt even have the yummy chicken ceaser roll, BASTARDS!

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