Monday, December 20, 2004

im in a gang!

discovered via sexy kent, theres some moron around who's been defacing some good bloggers names. if you've ever clicked over there -> on the adelaide blogs link it would have taken you here. its a great thing for me to scroll down the page, click on someone who looks interesting and discover that i indeed have never seen this person in my entire life, despite who 'adelaide' adelaide is.
a while ago i went to click 'little miss stacked' because glancey had mentioned something about being obsessed with her blog. so i thought id go have a squiz. lo and behold, the link to her blog on the adelaide blog list says this

No longer available - SHES A SLAG
53 minutes ago
Diary of a chick who lives in a world of confusion and turmoil because, although she's a slag, she's not slag enough to survive in the mean streets of Adelaide.

the blog isnt there anymore, but last time i looked it was full of stuff like 'oh, i just had sex with my dad' and stuff like that. things im sure glancey wasnt talking about when he mentioned her. oh, i found it

well, its been a while since i grazed through adelaide blogs. i visited after reading kents post and lo and behold, i've been attacked!
my description used to say

girl - 25, in christies beach...what could possibly happen to me?? oh, i've been 26 since march, how did i not realise that?

it now says

girl - 25, in christies beach...what could possibly happen to me?? I dunno, shark attack? LOL! oh, ive been 26 since march...heh, how'd i not realise that...and all I want is some of Frizee's disease ridden cock full of pus from Monica's skanky twat. LOL!

so i'm apparently in need of a good fucking by ryan fitzgerald. riiiiight. anyway.

but that is where you are wrong, mon cherie, for it is you i long to ride, and it is your disease ridden cum i want to injest. there is nothing that turns me on more than...ooh, i cant even type it without orgasming.....internet...terrorists....aaaahhooooh, yeah, say it again, do me again, type more skanky lies about me, do it, do it, harder ohhhhohhhhh


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