Saturday, March 22, 2003

s l e e p y m u s t s l e e p s o o n c a n t k e e p u p a p p e a r a n c e o f p e r k y p a t h e t i c g i r l w i t h o u t m o r e s l e e p

last night went really well. we got some laughs. i get laughed at for my patheticness, which is kinda ok i guess. i did get some sympathy which was cool. theres a part where im begging demetrius to be with me, and then i give up and get mad, telling him its not the same for girls, we cant fight for love, we're supposed to be wooed. and as im 'hand on my forehead over acting the woo', he runs off, and i got a few, 'ooohs', like, ooh he's nasty to her. apparently i also did some kind of wiggle thing when he told me he loved me and i got some laughs for that.
im not sure if the reviewer was in last night or not, but once i get a copy of the review i'll post it here for you.
personwhosnameimustnevermentions mum and dad are coming tonight, i'm sure i'll hear libby laughing and i hope that wont put me off. right now, the only thing that puts any of us off is when someone puts their finger up to make a point...i shall explain, although you probably dont realy want to know.

x walked up to me the other day, with his finger pointing up, and said to me, mum, i put this up my bum, and look what came out, and his finger was covered in poo. so everytime someone points their finger, someone laughs. i did it without thinking to rohan in one scene, and i saw a little twitch in his face, so i did it again, and he laughed and again and again, and when i waited for him after the scene he was about ready to kill me. 'once, ok, twice...yeah, pushing it a little, but ALL THOSE TIMES!' aaaah, funny

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